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Iceicons ~ Like icicles... only not ~ Your resource for icons of ice skaters

Iceicons- Your resource for icons of ice skaters
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Hey there, and welcome to Iceicons, your #1 Livejournal resource for icons of all types of ice skaters. Please read the rules before joining and/or posting, and if you don't think you can follow them, please don't join. I'm Mary, your mod. I'm 16 and from Scotland. I don't skate seriously, only recreationally, and I'm not that great, but I'm considering taking up lessons once I have the money. Meanwhile, I am a devoted (read: obsessed) fan of both Evgeni Plushenko and Alexei Yagudin. But any other skaters are welcome here. :)


1. You may post icons of any skater you wish, be it ice dancer, male figure skater, female figure skater, pro... I don't mind. But if you don't happen to like that skater, don't insult them or the maker of the icons. This is a friendly community, and we don't want drama messing it up.

2. Requests for icons are ok. I can't guarantee anyone will make you your icon, but you can try.

3. Community promotion is only allowed for other ice skating related communities. No icon journals, no rating commmunities, nothing unless it has a link with the ice skating world.

4. Remember, credit for using icons other people have made is great. And you must comment when taking an icon. It's always nice to know where your work is going.

5. These are the basic rules, but if the maker of the icons you are taking has any more, these must be followed too. After all, it's their work. They have a right to say what may and may not be done with it.

Have fun!